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The Titan SP (Single Pole) is the most affordably producing ground mount array in our arsenal. These arrays can produce 20% more that a standard rooftop solar array, making them an obvious choice for customers looking for large commercial or utility energy offsets!  Contact us for more information!

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True Integration

Solar Roofing is Here

The newest wave of solar is found, not in increased solar cell efficiency, but in true integration into the building structure.

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"We could not be more delighted that we chose Prisym Renewable Developments to provide and install our 8.4kW roof top solar system.  We are very new to solar technology but Kyrle was able to answer our questions in a very simple, straight-forward manner.  The equipment provided is of premium quality with excellent warranty coverage.  The installation was fast and with no absolutely no disruption to us.  The permitting and approval process was smooth and handled in a timely manner.  Thanks to Prisym Renewable Developments, we are well on our way to becoming a net-zero consumption home!"


Ken & Deb Hardy

Comox, BC

We are solar experts:

Ready to install residential or small business energy systems to help you go green and save money.

We install top of the line equipment:

Providing improved customization to meet your needs.

We build customized solutions:

As we look at what size system we can fit on your roof we do a comprehensive assessment of your electricity & heating use and make recommendations of which products should be used for which applications.

Here are the steps we take you through:

Pre-qualification & Estimate: Once you have made an inquiry by phone or email, we will contact you to schedule a visit to your home or a remote consultation, depending on your location. When we meet for our consultation, we will provide you with an estimate of roof suitability, capacity for a solar energy system and expected pricing for a solar energy system customized to suit your needs.

Roof Condition Report & Data Collection: Once you have decided to proceed, we will take the next steps to conduct a drone flight for data/imagery collection. Once approved, we will conduct the flight to assess the condition and dimensions of your roof for modelling and system design. At this stage you will receive a detailed Roof Condition Report that you may keep for your reference. This service will give you access to our workmanship warranty program and give you the option to obtain aerial imagery of your building.

System Design: From here we will design a customized energy system and produce a proposal detailing the system design, components, expected production, savings and invested value over the life of the system. This step requires sufficient imagery quality for use with our sophisticated modelling software to simulate system production and forecast your potential utility bill offset. 

Installation: We provide all of the services required to have the installation completed, including permitting and all services necessary to accommodate the installation, grid connection, and organization of the electrical inspection.

Connection to the Grid: We work with BC Hydro from the beginning to the end to ensure you have a hassle free process for connecting your system to the grid. Once complete, you will be able to monitor your systems performance though the monitoring platform. 

What do you want to Achieve?

Utility Bill Reduction - Grid Tied Solar

Solar panels will be mounted on your roof and will be connected to the grid to provide clean power to the local utility. A credit will be applied to your utility bill to offset later usage

Battery Backup for Essential Loads

A battery bank and grid interactive inverter will be installed to provide limited backup power for use during a power outage. Solar panels are not required and you will maintain short term energy for essential devices.

Solar Energy & Battery Backup

Solar panels will be connected to a battery bank that will remain fully charged for use during a power outage. Excess energy will feed into the grid and a credit will be applied to your utility bill to offset later usage.

Net Zero or Fully Off-Grid

Net Zero: Your utility consumption will be measured to determine energy requirements. From there a solar system will be designed to fully offset your energy consumption.*

Off-Grid: A solar system will be designed based on your expected loads and paired with a battery bank to give you full autonomy. *

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