Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is solar good in Vancouver Island's climate?


A: Yes, Vancouver Island isn't the silicon valley, but we do have significant solar potential here. Click here to view the solar potential of Vancouver Island and BC.

Q: How long will my Return on Investment be?

A: This depends on the system we install and the efficiency of your site. The larger the system we install, the shorter the ROI. In general a 10kW photovoltaic (PV) system will deliver an 18 to 21 year ROI.

We can reduce this number by installing a hybrid package where we pair solar PV with a solar heat pump to offer a 12 to 15 year ROI on the whole install. Each system is different. Contact us for an ROI estimate.

Q: How much will I save?

A: We forecast that the installation of our hybrid packages (Solar PV with a Solar HeatPump) will save double what you pay over the course of 30 years compared to what you will pay using baseboard heat through BC Hydro. We recently quoted a project at $36,000, which will offset this customer's energy bill entirely. Comparatively this customer can expect to pay BC Hydro $83,000 over the next 25 years and $111,000 over the next 30. This uses the assumption that BC Hydro costs will increase at only 4% annually. We will guide you though these calculations during the assessment process so you can see your own energy expense forecast.

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